Stif Squatch Pro Reserve Kit

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Stif Squatch Pro Reserve kit
Stif Squatch Pro Reserve kit
Stif Squatch Pro Reserve kit

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Well Bastard Fast

Since it’s release our Morf hardtail has rapidly won people’s hearts, generated a core cult following, and what we had initially aimed to be an ideal stable mate to a modern day full suspension bike ended up being a lot of peoples one-bike-to-rule-it-all weapon of choice. It wasn’t long before riders were requesting the same premium ride quality and progressive handling characteristics on a 29er platform. We began to see the benefits of 29er’s with proper geometry, so it got us thinking...

We hit the drawing board, began prototyping, and quickly realised how a 29er chassis would enable us to express our ultimate geometry figures whilst reaping the benefits of bigger, faster wheels. After several prototypes, 1000’s of kilometres of hyper sensitive testing and endless amounts of tweaking we have found the optimum formula, and off the back of this extensive in-house research & development, striving for progressive, safe and fun performance we are proud to finally be able to announce the new Stif Squatch!

Retaining our signature frame feel, which some industry leading product testers quoted as being ‘the best steel frame feel on the market’ was vital for us when designing the Squatch, so taking what we honed with the Morf, refining it further and tuning it for the 29er platform was a key part of our development process. Bespoke 4130 chromoly steel tubing is used throughout with custom tube shaping providing our desired ride feel attributes.

Ovalizing the top tube and chainstays has allowed us to create the a super compliant ride without compromising on stiffness in all-important areas – this means things stay comfortable during high frequency chatter but stomp on the pedals or enthusiastically load a corner and you’re greeted with predictable positivity. Looking down to where the drive-side chainstay meets the BB shell is our signature 12 Bore chainstay bridge that gives a dialled chainline with upto a 34T chainring and clearance for chunky mud-shed 2.6’’ tyres. It gives a proper weld surface without sacrificing tube stiffness. It’s a key ingredient in allowing for our super short 430mm chainstays.

Bottle cage bosses on the downtube and an ISCG05 chainguide mount mean it’s ready for long days on big terrain. To keep things as simple and reliable as possible there’s no weird standards – there’s a threaded BB, a standard 44mm headtube and everyday seat tube and clamp diameters.

As with any hardtail, good geometry is the key ingredient to behaviour on the trail and we wanted to push the boundaries.

We get pretty tired of the whole ‘revolutionary low, long and slack’ spiel that’s get regurgitated during new bike launches, especially with hardtails that get reviled with bold claims about being radically different from the rest, when in fact they’re not really dissimilar to boxy shaped bikes we were riding 10 years ago.

Le Squatch is different – it is properly low, it is suitably slack, the seat angle revolutionises climbing and long reach measurements that provide a proper rider space. Our triangle of reach, BB drop/height and headangle make the Squatch safer, faster, and ultimately way more fun to ride than any other hardtail on the market.

130mm, Short offset & Short Stem

Designing the frame around a 130mm travel fork means the frames geometry is preserved as best as possible, regardless to where it is in the forks stroke. Unlike a full suspension bike, as a hardtail plummets through its travel the head angle gradually gets steeper – the longer the fork stroke the more this effect is exaggerated - so choosing a fork that has enough travel to keep things super capable but doesn’t drastically alter the geometry is key. A stout 130mm travel fork nails this sweet spot and provides enough buffer to keep you out of trouble whilst always keeping the bikes geometry highly consistent

Le Squatch is designed around and shipped with a short 42mm offset fork which brings us closer to the steering axis therefore generating a greater ‘trail’ measurement, which when complimented with a 35mm or shorter stem makes for steering that’s more sensitive to micro adjustments as well as being more stable at higher speeds. Riding a hardtail requires extra precision so having steering that lets you manoeuvre the wheels exactly where you want massively elevates confidence levels and inspires the confidence to push boundaries.

80 mm BB Drop

BB height/drop was an area we wanted to focus on with the aim of mirroring the dynamic ride height of a modern full suspension bicyclette.

With the cranks sitting 80mm below the wheel axles it translates to a BB height of 293mm which keeps the rider’s mass as low as possible creating maximum stability when cornering. Dropping into the corners pocket feels natural with a total in the bike feeling, encouraging a more aggressive lean angle which allows for the corners apex to be pushed into with reassurance in order to generate grin forming levels of forward motion.

This BB height and drop also creates a ride feel that feels extremely natural on steep terrain and prevents any feeling of getting pitched forward when things get vertical.

64° Head Angle

Settling at 64° has resulted in stable and confidence inspiring feel without any vagueness or steering flop. Pairing this with the 130mm fork also means there is no drastic head angle change regardless of fork position.

78° Seat Tube Angle

Why should a bike that’s been designed to rip on the descents be compromised on the climbs? Yeah, it shouldn’t!

We approached designing this bike in two halves, one for climbing, one for descending – two fairly out there numbers that create strong descending prowess and a mind-blowingly efficient climbing manner and it’s the 78° seatangle that making climbing a total cinch. It’s truly incredible how efficient, balanced and damn right easy this seating position makes things.

Short and tall riders rejoice - Our seat-tube features a curve to help with tyre clearance and allows for our super short 430mm chainstays. Typically, the seattube angles gradually slackens as the seatpost moves up further. However, we’ve built the frame measuring 78 degrees from the BB centre to the saddle rail at max seat post extension. Therefore, 78 degrees is the slackest the seat-tube angle will ever be, meaning it effectively steepens as the saddle is dropped. This means tall riders with long legs take advantage of our steep seatangle and shorter riders actually get a steeper angle still, something that better suits the proportions of shorter riders too.

Stif Squatch Pro Reserve kit



Dérailleurs arrières










Jeu de direction

Tiges de selle


pneu avant

pneu arrière

Moyeux avants

Moyeux arrières



Tout Stif Squatch bikes ship with a set of Burgtec Penthouse Mk4 Composite Pedals in Black


empattement geoDiagram geoDiagram-topTubeLength geoDiagram-standOverHeight geoDiagram-stack geoDiagram-seatTubeAngle geoDiagram-seatTubeLength portée geoDiagram geoDiagram-headTubeAngle geoDiagram-frontCenter geoDiagram-headTubeLength geoDiagram-chainStayLength geoDiagram-bbDrop geoDiagram-bbHauteur GéoDiagramme
Gamme de taille 5'5 "- 5'11" 5'8 "- 6'2" 6'1 "- 6'6"
Sizing Sweet Spot 5'6 "- 5'9" 5'10 "- 6'1" 6'2 "- 6'5"
Reach 460 mm 480 mm 500 mm
Stack 653 mm 653 mm 661 mm
Angle du tube de direction 64 ° 64 ° 64 °
Longueur du tube de selle 420 mm 450 mm 480 mm
Front Centre 790 mm 810 mm 834 mm
Hauteur du boîtier de pédalier 293 mm 293 mm 293 mm
BB Drop 80 mm 80 mm 80 mm
Empattement 1208 mm 1228 mm 1253 mm
Longueur de base 430 mm 430 mm 430 mm
Longueur du tube de direction 100 mm 100 mm 110 mm
Angle de tube de selle 78 ° 78 ° 78 °

Stif Squatch Caractéristiques du cadre

  • Recommended Fork Travel: 130 mm
  • Max Fork Travel: 140 mm
  • Brake Mounts: 160mm Post Mount
  • Taille du casque: Top: ZS44/28.6 - Bottom: EC44/40
  • ICSG-05 Tabs: Oui
  • Seatpost Diameter: 30.9 mm
  • Diamètre de serrage du siège: 34.9 mm
  • Bottom Bracket Size: 73mm Threaded BSA
  • Max Tyre Size: 2.6”
  • Recommended Crank Length: 170 mm
  • Max Chainring Size: 34t
  • Water Bottle Mounts: 1 Set, inside front triangle

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Stif Squatch Dans la presse...

Perfectly poised, way more compliant than most of its rivals and also nimble and easy to chuck around, the well thought-out Stif Squatch Pro is a compelling package. It’s a bold statement, but it’s the hardcore hardtail I’d buy with my own cash if I was in the market for one, so hats off to Stif for totally nailing its latest creation.

MBR | March 2021

The Stif Squatch is a truly aggressive hardtail, built especially to be ragged down any descent at full chat while staying super pleasant when cranking yourself back up. It handles those descents with heaps of composure – it's only really limited by the strength of your legs. Uphill, it’s a comfy and easy going place to be as the mega-steep seat tube makes light work of smooth climbs. | March 2021

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Stif Squatch / Morf

Nos Squatch and Morf Frames are sold with a 3 Year warranty against manufacturing defects and we offer Crash Replacement Pricing for 5 years from purchase

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When warranty on non-carbon Kona bikes and frames is NOT registered within three months of purchase, Kona warrants to the original owner that the frame of this new Kona bicycle purchased from an authorized Kona dealer shall be free of defective materials or workmanship for a three-year period. IF THE WARRANTY IS REGISTERED WITH KONA WITHIN THREE MONTHS AFTER THE PURCHASE OF THE BICYCLE, THE WARRANTY IS EXTENDED FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE ORIGINAL OWNER, with the exception of carbon bikes and frames. During warranty period, Kona shall repair or replace, at its sole option, the bicycle frame if Kona determines the frame is defective and subject to this limited warranty. The original owner shall pay all labor and shipping charges connected with the repair or replacement of the bicycle frame. Please see the Kona owner’s manual, provided with your bicycle, for additional information.